There Is No High Like The Most High….



The 420 Vision………

* I feel led to have a worship service where people can come and not feel judge for who or what they do.

* If we feel led to open our service with a song by Pick Floyd, we can.

* No perfect people or regular church people will be allowed. This entire service will be run by people just like us.

* No offering plate will ever be passed around.

* Most of us are creatures of the night, the building will be darker with lava lamps and black lights.

* We can have as much fun leading up to the preaching as we want to.

* The service will be kept short, one hour only!!! from start to finish - no long drawn out preaching.

* During this service you can clap your hands, or sit quietly it’s up to you.

* Come as you are, just like Jesus said in the Bible…. no dress code will ever be enforced…

* The preaching will be kept short, but will be what the Bible teaches.




How the 420 Vision Was Realized….

In the last few months of 2017, I visited my cousin out in Fort Bragg California and helped her with packing up her house. She had recently been caught and charged with 50 pounds of medical cannabis in Tallahassee FL. Just so we are clear, cannabis is not legal in the state of Florida and this would be her second trafficking charge so a possible 5 to 7 year mandatory sentence is just around the corner for her. As soon as I arrived in town I found a nearby church called faith community of fort Bragg to attend on Sunday mornings. The pastors name is Gregg Esure and I instantly became his honorary Sunday morning deacon. In fact, the very first time I visited his church he ask me to come up and talk for a few minuets about Guatemala. The church was a big building but only had a few folks that regularly attended services. It reminded me of my own small town Baptist church I grew up in. While helping my cousin pack up and put her things in storage, I was able to meet and rub elbows with a rather large number of professional cannabis growers, sellers, runners, just and entire industry of folks buying and selling cannabis. At first they didn’t know how to act around a “missionary” but they soon learned I wasn't a regular going type of church guy. Several of the growers warm up to me and begin asking a few basic questions about the Bible. Out in California the parents of this current generation didn’t like or have anything to do with Jesus, but taught there children to be open minded to spiritual gifts and expanding your mind. To my surprise a lot of the folks were open minded to scripture and Jesus as well, they just lacked the basic knowledge about Gods word. The questions they ask were things most of us in the south learned as little children when we attended Sunday school. Sometimes one of the growers would rant (for lack of a better word), on and on about how he thought the “Bible” was full of errors and written to control man. I would always listen to others opinions but when it was my turn to talk, I was never afraid to speak the truth, in love, but I have always preached what the Bible says not just what people wanted to hear. Even my cousin and her husband cornered me one day in front of some of there important friends, and wanted me to stand up, pray, and maybe wave my arms around a bit and tell them all the charges they were facing in FL would go away. How could I refuse to give them a good report in front of their friends. I prayed silently under my breath and ask God for the answer and the boldness to deliver the message. I did step up and pray for a good outcome to the upcoming court case, but just like Jesus I often finish my points with a story. Here is how it went. “When Jesus was crucified on the cross he was crucified with two thieves one on the left and one on the right. This is why we so often see three crosses instead of only one. The one guy was belligerent and loud, cursing at the crowd of people showing no remorse for the crimes he had committed. The other man was more humble, and begged the crowd for mercy as they also made him carry his cross up that hill where all three would be brutally nailed to a piece of wood, and then dropped in a hole so they were erected upright for all to see. Once all three crosses were erected with a body hanging on it, the loud and belligerent man yelled out violently with very colorful language to Jesus “ if you really are the Son of God - Jesus, help us, make us to come down from these crosses” The other man, knowing that his time was short, lifted his eyes over to Jesus and quietly said “Lord Jesus, please remember me when you come into your kingdom” That man, by that very statement, accepted the Lord that day on the cross. He was completely forgiven by God. The Lord Jesus looked over at the man and said “Surely, today you will be with me in Paradise” I then looked around at the growers, my cousin, her friends and told them this. It is true we can ask God for his forgiveness and indeed He will forgive you  right now, this very day. And when God forgives you the Bible says he remembers your sins no more. I encourage you my friends to ask God to forgive you this very day. But just like the thief that died on the cross (even after he was forgiven), he still had to pay for his crimes, the State of Florida will be a little more hard pressed, they are gonna want there time too and they will probably get it. Please pray for my cousin, I think she is facing a mandatory 5 to 7 years so I probably will never see her free again. After I finished my story, you could have heard a pen drop in that room. I have always tried to teach and preach exactly what the Bible says, you don’t add anything to it, you don’t leave anything out, even If I don’t personally agree with everything the book says. As I looked around the room full of people, I thought to myself “these people really need a pastor, and not some watered down self rightness want a be, but they really need a pastor to pray with them and teach them about God.

Don’t bother me, can’t you see I’m praying…..

Some might find this part of the story a little funny. One day I was praying to God for guidance on my next step in life. I was a children's entertainer and teacher and worked with the Spanish speaking community for the last 6 years in Guatemala. I love missions work and wanted to serve others, but it is hard connecting the dots with out some help from the Lord. A guy came over and ask why do we Christians talk about the blood or some obscure question similar to that. How dare he interrupt my prayer to ask such a basic question, I thought to myself, don’t these people know anything about the Bible. And then just like in the picture here, the windows of heaven opened up and I do believe god showed me that I was surrounded by an entire sub culture of people I like to call the 420 crowd. I was like “No way God, my talents are use on children, I can almost speak a little Spanish now, these folks are grown and I’m just not sure about all this” However, after processing things a little I started to pray about it and ask Pastor Greg to also pray with me for guidance. After the home I was staying at was all packed up, I spent the last few weeks in California walking around the tiny town of Fort Bragg asking people if they would be interested in a “420 Worship Service” the response was overwhelming! Most everyone I ask said they would love to come to a worship service and be around people like themselves. They were afraid to attend a regular church for fear of being judged or didn’t want to feel like a hypocrite.

What happened Church?

For so long the “church” people have kept to themselves and formed little clicks. In response, if you don’t look and smell like they do, well then you might not be welcome. We talked about it in church the next Sunday and Pastor told his congregation that trying to get pot smokers to attend a regular church was like putting new wine into old wine skins. Jesus himself use this as an example in the Bible.

Everybody Needs a Pastor who can relate to what they are going through in life……


Remember folks - I love you and the Lord loves you!