About Pastor Joe

These are my two favorite photos.  The Jesus picture has been with me for years now. I just did a magic trick for the little girl and then grabbed a quick photo when I was finished.


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I believe music is our greatest way to Praise God! I just love what the Bible says in Psalms 150 - Praise him with all kinds of interments. Music and Praise is so important to me. If you gave me a $300 car I would be happy, but would have a $500 sounds system in it as soon as I could. Years ago I was the music director at the same Church where my mother played the piano. It made my heart so happy to look over and see my mother praising God with me on stage.

Morocco dessert.

I got to spend a couple of weeks on the largest cruise ship on the waters (at that time). I attended the Sunday morning worship service and made a point to show up early for good seats - I mean, there were about 5000 souls on board. Only 17 people showed up for a Joel Olsten service on the big screen. Can you imagine, 17 out of 5000 were interested enough to attend Church. Had so much fun in Mexico, maybe more than I should have! Each morning I would show up for breakfast, go walk the track and study my Bible verse cards, and then back for another breakfast again... The guys at the restaurant knew me by name. No joke!

When I got to visit Las Vegas - I was passing out tracks on the main strip. Funny, the guys were giving me porno flyers, and I was sharing the Love of Jesus! I visited the only real church I could find on Sunday morning. I kid you not they were raffling off a Harley Davison motorcycle to raise funds. Only $5 got you in the drawing. They also passed the offering plate around twice.

For six years I got to share the love of Christ as a full time clown! I was a local celebrity, even made the national news paper one time. I enjoyed spending time and teaching children about God through magic, juggling, and my clowning skills. I miss Guatemala so much and would return in a heart beat.

Along with being a clown, building beds and homes, another thing that I loved to do was make popcorn for the children. They lived in the land of corn, yet popcorn was a special treat! Thank you everyone that transported popcorn and blowers down to Guatemala.

Shortly after arriving in Guatemala, I was ask to design and build a set of bunk beds that we could include with the new homes we were building. Praise God, from that day on I got to build hundreds of beds shelves tables and ended up living in a wood shop for awhile. I got to see so many children get the very first beds they ever owned. I loved working with wood and making little kids dreams come to life.


This was my Guatemalan wedding. Thank you everyone for making this possible.


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