About Us

Joe and Laura are married, full-time missionaries in Panajachel, Guatemala. Since 2011, Joe has been working with Porch de Salomon. (Laura came along in 2014.) Porch is a non-governmental organization that helps local Mayans with school scholarships, feeding programs, and clean drinking water. Porch also hosts over 20 teams from the U.S. every year to build homes and do medical clinics for very impoverished communities. Feel free to look around Porch de Salomon's website porchdesalomon.org.

As much as we love all of these responsibilities, our favorite part is running the Porch woodshop together. Most of the families we help have VERY little, so when Porch finishes a concrete block home, we work to make beds for everyone in the house—very often the first beds the children have ever slept in. The smiles on dedication day make the effort more than worth it!
We love what we do, and we love serving God and the people of Panajachel. However, we always need more brothers and sisters willing to pray for and with us. Strong prayer warriors make a huge difference when doing this kind of work in a developing country!
As for our own personal ministries, we do a little bit of everything. All around the area, when children see Joe, they call out “Payaso Yoyo!” and ask to see magic tricks. He is the resident clown, so he spends a lot of time playing and telling bible stories. Laura is the go-to person for vision clinics and leads a small bible study in town. When teams come to town, we are both drivers and site leaders at home constructions.
Another struggle here is funds. Living in Guatemala is pretty cheap, and we live quite simply. However, we are full-time volunteers and we do not draw a salary. God has been faithful to us over the years; He always provides! One thing we have noticed about God’s provision is that it always comes through the kindness of others. Our ministry needs partners who are willing to support us in God’s work. We really need monthly donors, but even $20 one time goes a long way.

Thank you in advance for reading, praying, and supporting us! Your love and commitment to God’s work is so encouraging. We hope to see you here in town someday!

Love from Guatemala,

Guatemala Joe and Laura Weaver