The Popcorn Idea

Early in 2015 I had an idea to start selling popcorn on the street to help with our living expenses here in Pana. I prayed and asked for the needed funds to purchase a commercial machine, and
God answered my prayers a funny way. There were a lot of complications with ordering the machine and it took several months just to get the money back from the company (Laura and I are planning to purchase a different machine and bring it back with us when we go home for the holidays); however, during our customer service struggles, something incredible happened. Hearing about my new popcorn interest (obsession as Laura would call it), two lovely ladies brought me smaller popcorn makers and a whole host of popocorn seasonings, bags, oils, and kernals. On a whim, I took some popcorn and the machine out to a jobsite; the kids LOVED it! I've found that the children would actually choose popcorn over candy. Since that day, I have been making popcorn a regular part of my clown ministry. It is the crowd's favorite part of the whole show. Even though I originally set out to help earn a living with the popcorn, God used the idea to bless so many more people than just the two of us! Now, we would like to invite you to help us share the love with this popcorn ministry. Much like the small kernals, just a little support explodes into huge blessings!

The Popcorn Idea

We could always use some more popcorn machines and supplies..

Popcorn Blowers

Not sure if it was the shear amount of popcorn popped, or the bad voltage out on the job sites, but my red popcorn blower died at our last home dedication. We could use a couple moreinexpensive popcorn blowers, easily found on Amazon or Walmart. I'm not sure why, but I have never been able to locate a popcorn blower in Guatemala.

Popcorn Supplies

We see many teams come to Guatemala and most of them are loaded with chocolate and candy for the children. Popcorn is a healthier snack than most candies, and the children around the jobsites and clinics can't get enough of it. If your group is heading down to Guatemala, please consider bringing some popcorn supplies for the kids. We can use popcorn, popping oil, popcorn salt and various seasonings, but the main need is the popcorn kernals themselves.

Popcorn Prayers

Prayers are always needed and appreciated. The next time you see a popcorn vendor at a local fair, go to the movies and order popcorn before the show, or are just passing the popcorn aisle at your local grocery store, PLEASE, stop and say a prayer for the work we are doing in Guatemala.