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Donations Page

***Note - There will NEVER be a offering plate passed around in the 420 Worship Service. Many of us fell like this is a way most Churches pressure you into giving. What you give or don't back to God is entirely nobody's business but your own. Just like in the Bible, we will have a wooden box located at the back of our service and what you put in the box is between you and God alone!

2 Kings 12:9 -  Jehoiada the priest took a chest and bored a hole in its lid. He placed it beside the altar, on the right side as one enters the temple of the Lord. The priests who guarded the entrance put into the chest all the money that was brought to the temple of the Lord.

They never passed around an offering plate in the Bible


Donations Needed - 420 Worship Service

We are not receiving any help or assistance from any church or organized religion. We must come together and provide for ourselves. I'm talking to the Fort Wayne cannabis users. Let the  church people take care of their own, that is what most of them are good at anyways. If you feel it inside your heart to donate some chatter, that's up to you. We will never pass around an offering plate at our service, nor make our worship place a market.

Luke 6:38 -- Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.

What is important in your life?

A fellow pastor once told me that if you wanted to know what was important in a persons life, all you need to do is look at their check book. That's never been more true than it is today. Most folks I talk with about a 420 worship service - no judgment, no hypocrisy, come as you are service - tell me it's a great idea. Now we can see if they truly mean it. When come to asking for money, people usually only have two answers. 1) Yes or 2) Let me think about it - which in most cases is a no. This is where we see the Lord providing through others.

Music Equipment A Priority

II Cro 20:21 - After consulting the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise him for the splendor of his holiness as they went out at the head of the army, saying: “Give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures forever.”

Acquired - Thank You

  Bass Guitar - Needed $160


  Bass Amp - Needed $140

Acquired - Thank You

 Acoustic Guitar /w pick up - Needed $160


  Acoustic Guitar Amp - Needed $190


Mikes, Stands and Cables - Needed $60


Portable 120w PA System - Needed $369

This will be our basic PA system. It's not as powerful as the one we originally wanted, but we have to start somewhere. This system should get us going and the price is right.


32" to 40" Smart  TV - Needed $279

During each service we will be showing funny videos, usually related to cannabis use, songs we sing, as well as briefly posting to the screen each Bible verse mentioned. 


Used Laptop - Needed $100

Several times while preforming weddings the sound system stopped working. Once when a bride was walking down the isle in a back yard casual wedding, I watched the boom box explode into flames. Experience says, It's always good to have a backup computer handy.


420 T-Shirts (10ea) - Needed $220

The 420 vision includes volunteers. We would like all those working with us to wear the same t-shirts with the logo "No high like the most High"  imprinted on them.  We will need about ten shirts to get us going. We have also had several people interested in purchasing a personal one.


Used Passenger Van - Needed $1800

This purchase will truly require a miracle from God. We here at the ministry are praying for some type of Church van. Not only for picking folks up and bringing them to the worship service, but also for transporting our music to and from the service. This price based on a used van we saw on craigslist in Fort Wayne.


You do not have because you do not ask...  James 4:2


  Easy Online Donations can be made simply by clicking on the GoFundMe picture.

  Life Lesson About Giving

A man went to his bank one day and tried to withdraw a hundred bucks to pay a bill. The banker said "I'm sorry sir, you can't withdraw any money because you have never made a deposit".

One day all of us will call on God to help us out of trouble - all of us. Praying to God for help is sort of like asking the banker for a withdrall. We should try to build up a few blessings (helping others) before asking God for help.

Psalm 41:1 - Blessed is he that considers the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. (KJV)