Volunteers Needed

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 Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are always welcome weather or not you actually believe in God. If you have a talent, a special gift, would you consider giving it back to God? We will take anyone who wants to serve. If you can set up music equipment, or even hold a sign out by the road - WE WANT YOU!

1 Corinthians 10:31 -  So whether you eat or drink (Juggle Fire, Dance,  Computers, Drive, Pass Out Ads) or whatever you do, DO IT ALL for the glory of God.

Below is a list of a few positions we are in need of right away! Replace that silhouette with a photo of YOU wearing a "There is no high like the Most High" t-shirt.

Hebrews 6:10 - God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

WordPress Website Designer

We are looking for a someone that is familiar with WordPress website design. Someone to donate a little time to make our site ring with more bells an whistles. More or less, someone to call when we get stuck with a problem.


We are looking for a someone that can help us keep the music going. Must be able to restring guitars and know about sound systems.

  Graphic Designer

We could use someone for Graphic Design to touch up some photos and design a few logos etc. Someone that is good with a program like CorelDraw, AutoCAD, or other such programs.


We could use someone that can build us a few simple wooden items. Must be willing to help supply the wood as well. We need a small box for donations, a very simple podium, and a stand to get our tv up off the ground. If you would like to donate a little of your time and talent to this worship service, please contact us.


We could use someone that takes really good photos to post pictures of our volunteers, and maybe a few pictures of our first few services as well. Does not require much time. 


This service will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Yes, we are looking for professional dancers to come up on stage and dance during the opening songs! If you are willing to dance for the Glory of God, then your invited to be a part of this growing family.

Bible And Tract Table

We would like someone to head up our Bible and Tract table. Each service you would be responsible for bringing a small folding table, and filling it with free Bibles, and other information. These items are to be kept in a plastic box and shuttled to and from the service.

  AA / NA Organizer

During each service we need someone to set up a table with literature about how to attend  AA or NA meetings. What we are looking for is someone regularly attends such meetings themselves, maybe even a sponsor. We are really looking for someone that has been clean and sober for awhile. We will not be pushing sobriety, but if any in attendance feels they could benefit from such a meeting, we want to make it readily available.

  Coffee and Snacks

We are SURE some folks will show up for the service with the munchies. We would like someone to volunteer to get us a folding table to be used for coffee and snacks during each service. It would be your responsibility to acquire for the ministry a small coffee pot, snacks, a small table, and maybe a plastic box or case to keep everything in and ready for our next service. This job will require asking others to donate some of the above mentioned items to the ministry. Are you up for the challenge?